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Spherical Cobalt-Chromium Alloy Powder

Date:2017-11-18 Hitcount:4382
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  • Cobalt chromium alloy with cobalt and chromium as main ingredient, its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties are excellent, with its parts made of high strength, high temperature resistant, and has excellent biocompatibility, used to make the earliest human body joint, now has been widely used in the field of oral cavity.Because it contains no harmful nickel element and beryllium elements, 3D printing personalized custom cobalt chromium alloy baking enamel tooth has become the first choice for non-precious metal porcelain.Traditional craft production of cobalt chromium alloy product shrinkage rate is large, compared to the initial model error is bigger, and use 3 d printing technology made of co-cr alloy components, high intensity, size accurate, can make the smallest size can be up to 1 mm, so the parts manufactured products much better mechanical properties than forging process.

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