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Zhejiang Province Key Laboratory of Soldering & Brazing Materials and Technology located in the factory of Zhejiang Asia General Soldering & Brazing Material Co., Ltd. The Keylab has building area of 5000 m2, including soldering R&D center, brazing R&D center, pasty R&D center and powder R&D center. There are more than 40 professional research and developments talents, among them 16 people achieved junior or senior professional titles. The Keylab equipped more than 130 sets advanced research and development instruments, such as SEM/EDX, ICP-OES, AAS, XRD, DTA, Ion Chromatograph, Universal mechanical test machine, FTIR, CS/ONH analyzer, etc. Total invest exceeds 20 million RMB. The Keylab has achieved 9 national patents, undertook 20 above province-level research projects and developed more than 20 kinds of novel soldering and brazing materials since the key laboratory was established in 2008. A number of important research achievements were obtained in the field of novel lead-free soldering, flux and solder paste. 13 million RMB profits were annually increased by the transformation of technological achievements. The Keylab has become an advanced platform of soldering and brazing materials manufacturing on high-level application basic research as well as the transformation of technological achievements in China.